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Global Check Financing options are here for students to get additional funding choices with NO CREDIT CHECK.

ARC 90
There are millions of people who need products and services but because of an imperfect credit rating system they're barred from purchase. In today's fast paced economy a better guide to personal financial responsibility is needed. ARC 90 is that. It gives people deserved purchasing ability.

In 2016, it's time to advance your career by investing in yourself. Get on board and prequalify for help yourself get there in classes in:

  • Permanent Makeup Certification
  • Eyelash Extension Certification
  • Advance Aesthetics in Dry Needling and Derma Rolling for Collagen Induction Therapy


  • Employment
  • A Bank Account
  • Pay Stubs or if you work for yourself you can submit last years tax returns or 3 months bank statements to qualify

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